"Digene Farrar offers a rich, honest, and compassionate account of trauma, recovery and thriving. She digs deeply into her experiences of childhood sexual abuse, 9/11, a glamorous modeling and acting career, and a supportive marriage under great pressure. We follow her through the maze of trauma recovery on a journey filled with challenges and hope. A great read that will be inspirational for survivors and instructive for their therapists."
--Laurie Anne Pearlman, Ph.D., Coauthor, "Treating Traumatic Bereavement: A Practitioner's Guide"Type your paragraph here.

Finalist, 2016, IAN Book of the Year, Memoir

Gold Medal, 2016 Independent Publisher Award: Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal, E-book

Finalist, 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards in "Motivational" category

Semi-finalist, 2016 Kindle book Awards, Non-fiction

Medalist Winner, 2015 New Apple Book Award for "Motivational/Self-Help"

Winner, 2015 Pinnacle book Achievement Award for "Memoir"


"This book is not just a courageous and inspiring memoir. The shorter second section explores the unhappy reality that childhood sexual abuse is far from unique to Digene. Just as Van Der Kolk flags this up as an issue of (US) national importance, so does Digene, and she shares suggestions to survivors and those supporting survivors around seeking support and healing. And as her memoir testifies, the journey can be long, arduous, and may involve different ways of working at different times as the healing unfolds. I imagine this book to a tremendous resource to clients and therapists alike."

- Julia Bueno (UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist).
European Society of Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) newsletter
June 2015.

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"When you are abused as a child, the result is usually self-destruction. Digene, however, chose life. She overcame the most significant wounds a person may encounter. The reality, truthfulness, and wisdom she found can be a guidebook for us all on how to use our hunger for life as a motivating force. Read her book of wisdom. Let it coach you through life, helping you to free yourself from the wounds of your past, to rise above them and fly."
--Bernie S. Siegel, MD, whose best-selling books include, "365 Prescriptions for the Soul" and "The Art of Healing"

"For Digene Farrar, 9/11 was not only a massive traumatic experience in its own right; it also opened the Pandora's box of her chronic childhood abuse and neglect. In a rich, highly engaging narrative and diary, she writes an awe-inspiring testimony of her traumatization, her coping with its sequelae, and her courageous journey toward recovery and healing--both of the psychological and physical scars--while also pursuing a challenging professional career. The narrative evokes in me the highest esteem for her: her highly upright personality, her power and dedication, her love for her husband, her ability to commit to therapy and bond with her therapist, thereby overcoming her severe attachment trauma.
With unusual clarity and compassion, Ms. Farrar shares the essential lessons learned and her recommendations for survivors, their partner, and therapists."

--Onno van der Hart, Ph.D.
Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Senior author, "The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation and the Treatment of Chronic Traumatization"

Not My Secret To Keep is a stirring step-by-step account of self- discovery, healing, and transformation. It's also a practical book that will be utilized by survivors, their families and friends, and anyone working in social, medical, and mental health professions who care for those suffering from sexual abuse.

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